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  • Developments in Progress and Scheduled for Completion in 2023


    Gross Floor Area (sq.ft.)Group's Interest
    Borrett Road Project
    Phase 2
    Inland Lot No. 8949149,123100%
    #LYOSLot No. 4328 in D.D. 124138,876100%
    Grand Jeté 
    Phase 1
    The Remaining Portion of Tuen Mun Town Lot No. 463171,52340.94%
    Cheung Kong Center IICentral504,343100%
    Upper West Shanghai
    Phase 3 Tender 2 (T1)
    Phase 4 Tender 2 (T14)
    Putuo District, Shanghai1,648,68560%
    Regency Hills
    Land No. 11B
    Yangjiashan, Nanan District, Chongqing207,48595%
    Laguna Verona
    Phases F
    Hwang Gang Lake, Dongguan459,86699.8%
    Noble Hills
    Phase 3C
    Zengcheng, Guangzhou123,570100%
    Emerald Cove
    Phase 2

    Daya Bay, Huizhou1,216,988100%
    Regency Garden
    Phase 5B-2a
    Pudong New District, Shanghai265,86885%
    Regency Cove
    Phase 3A
    Caidian District, Wuhan282,003100%
    Chelsea Waterfront
    Metropolitan Building, 
    The Rotunda, 
    East Tower, 
    Block KC4 and 
    Block KC2A
    Chelsea / Fulham, London262,16495%